Interact with your website visitors

Engage your website visitors and build customer loyalty by sending them email retargeting campaigns or pushing a conversation through a chat bubble.

Get in touch with your prospects and customers easily

  • Build fully automated chat workflows that work 24 hours a day.
  • Create contact forms to collect qualified leads.
  • Increase your customer knowledge.
  • Create and send satisfaction surveys to understand your customers' expectations.
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Discover Sarbacane Chat, a hybrid tool offering both live chat and chatbot features.

Follow up your website visitors by email

  • Automatically contact your website visitors at the right moment of their purchase journey.
  • Send targeted and personalized email sequences based on the visited pages.
  • Build an effective strategy for abandoned cart reminders.
  • Make your workflows evolve differently depending on the behavior of visitors towards your follow-up campaigns.
  • Optimize your conversion tunnels and multiply your return on investment.
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Go to Sarbacane, a software that allows you to create, send and analyze email and SMS campaigns.

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Traffic measurement services can generate visitor statistics that are useful to improve the website.

Behavioral tracking