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Positive group is a specialist in communication and digital marketing for companies. The group is particularly recognized for its product Sarbacane, a leading player in emailing in France since 2001. The group has since developed a range of solutions around its expertise.

The Positive Group operates in a constantly evolving sector and is therefore committed to offering innovations to best meet the needs of its customers and the market seeking a more responsible communication...

Our new identity

To simplify the distinction between the group's development and ambition and its historical activity, Groupe Sarbacane is changing its name to Positive Group. The Sarbacane solution, as well as the group's other products, will continue to exist as brands and subsidiaries of the group.

The Positive Group comes from a strong identity related to its values of development and optimism that have always been part of its DNA.

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Our convictions

We are convinced that digital marketing tools make it easier for you to reach your goals. That's why we have decided to put innovation, ease of use and support at the heart of our business. Innovating while simplifying practices and ensuring that our clients "succeed" is our daily challenge at the Positive Team.

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Reducing digital footprint

We know that digital and data, while generating a carbon footprint today, will play a major role in the future for the ecology and the common good, as long as they are used ethically. We strive to help our clients optimize their data to communicate less, but better.

Protecting your personal data

The increasing digitalization of communication brings with it new challenges such as the respect of personal data. As a communication specialist, we have a duty to set an example. We educate both our teams and our customers about data protection and confidentiality.

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