Find new customers

Attract new customers and introduce your company to new qualified prospects through targeted, personalized and automated communication.

Turn your subscribers and contacts into customers

  • Send responsive and personalized newsletters to your subscribers to convert them into customers.
  • Set up automated scenarios (lead nurturing, welcome, etc.) to qualify your prospects.
  • Create landing pages and data collection forms optimized for conversion.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to share their feedback in order to convince your prospects.
  • Get multilingual support and an GDPR-compliant marketing solution.
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Go to Sarbacane, a software that allows you to create, send and analyze email and SMS campaigns.

Convert your visitors into qualified leads

  • Automate conversations with your visitors without having to get your staff involved.
  • Create contact forms to collect qualified leads.
  • Schedule appointments with your visitors at any time of the week.
  • Improve your responsiveness with fully automated, 24-hour chat workflows.
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Discover Sarbacane Chat, a hybrid tool offering both live chat and chatbot features.

Automate your BtoB email prospecting

  • Send prospecting sequences from your own mailbox.
  • Import and engage contacts from LinkedIn.
  • Automatically synchronize your qualified leads in your CRM.
  • Reduce by 8 the time dedicated to prospecting.
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Test Datananas, the prospecting solution that will allow you to source your contacts and engage them.

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