Our mission

Simplifying technology to make it accessible

Marketing, development, graphic design... We merge our skills every day to create the solutions of tomorrow.

Our approach



Half of our teams are dedicated to research and development. Innovation is part of our DNA at Positive Group.



That’s been our production trademark since 2001, developing powerful and functional solutions all while keeping them simple to use.



Positive Group develops technical solutions for its customers, but also pays a lot of attention to the support they receive.

Some figures


Group turnover 2022

A strong and efficient group with ambitious goals.



Working on a single mission: to ensure our customers’ success


companies around the world

In 90 countries


Years of experience

Since 2001, we develop innovative solutions for companies

Our culture

A passionate team working to innovate

"The Positive Groupe has always been, and will remain, a passionate team at the service of innovation bringing together creative people who are experts in development and marketing. Together, we are writing a story that brings us every day to explore new horizons and new challenges."

Mathieu Tarnus - CEO

Our values


Passion is present in everything we do and part of the group’s DNA. Passion for our products and for what they can do for our customers as well as Passion for the world of marketing.


Each person who works with us has something to say. They all contribute their ideas and help constantly improve our products and our customer service.


Our business is always evolving. Expertise, know-how and a capacity to innovate, reinvent and anticipate have been the essential factors in our development for fifteen years.

#Team spirit

Certain people’s skills are combined with other people’s know-how. It is in this spirit that we share and build our group’s success.


Ambition makes us grow, makes us proud and mobilizes us. At The Positive Group, we cultivate excellence, the desire to succeed, to reach our goals and to surpass ourselves.

Any passion?

Marketing & Innovation!

Our leaders

Mathieu Tarnus

Founder Sarbacane & CEO Groupe Positive

Paul de Fombelle

COO Positive Group

Morgan Gueneau

CFO Positive Group

Vincent Durieux

CFO Sarbacane

Romain Jestin

CTO Sarbacane

Johanne Vincent

CLO Positive Group

Laurent Martel

CRO Sarbacane

Véronique Chocry

CCO Sarbacane

Sven Kummer

CEO & Co-Founder rapidmail

Steffen Müllers

CEO & Co-Founder rapidmail

Antoine Charlet

CEO Datananas

Maximilien Deconinck

CTO Datananas

Audrey Jullien

HR Director Sarbacane

Xavier Caroen

Head of M&A Positive Group

Chloé Ouzilleau

CMO Sarbacane

Paolo Errico

CEO & Founder 4Dem

Benoît Venière

CEO & Co-Founder Marketing 1BY1

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