Monitor your customer data

Centralize your customer data to better analyze it and initiate hyper-personalized and automated marketing actions.

Create a data-drive strategy to improve your performance

  • Enjoy a tailor-made CDP (Customer Data Platform).
  • Centralize, analyze and activate all your customer data to better target your acquisition and loyalty campaigns.
  • Implement a data-driven strategy to optimize customer acquisition and improve contact engagement.
  • Connect your CDP to your email router, your ERP, your digital acquisition and data quality tools to get a 360° view of your customers...
Marketing 1BY1 - Tailor-made Customer Data Platform

Go to 1BY1, a Customer Data Solution that places your marketing success at the heart of its technology and support.

Optimize your customer data management

  • Synchronize your contact lists via API or available plugins: Magento, Salesforce and Teamleader...
  • Create your own registration forms and collect new contacts.
  • Use the multi-criteria targeting engine to segment your database precisely and improve your campaigns.
  • Consult the activity report to follow in real time the activities and behaviors of your contacts.
  • Use the collected data to automate your campaigns and send the right message at the right time.
Mailify, Emailing, SMS and automation solution

Discover Sarbacane, a software that allows you to create, send and analyze email and SMS campaigns.

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