Communicate by email and SMS

Mix email and SMS campaigns to deliver an optimal omnichannel customer experience and boost the performance of your communication.

Easily combine email and SMS

  • Increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns by combining them with SMS campaigns
  • Strengthen the reach of your messages through multi-channel communication
  • Easily create automated workflows alternating email and SMS thanks to an intuitive automation interface.
  • Centralize your customer data and statistics in a single tool to better manage marketing pressure and behavioral tracking.
Mailify, solution to create, send and analyze your email and SMS campaigns

Go to Sarbacane, a software that allows you to create, send and analyze email and SMS campaigns.

Send your transactional emails via a easy to integrate tool

  • Easily integrate Tipimail's API/SMTP into your system, application or website.
  • Enjoy maximum deliverability for your service emails.
  • Monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time.
  • Use the collected data to automate your campaigns and send the right message at the right time.
Tipimail, platform for sending your transactional emails

Discover Tipimail, our API / SMTP solution to schedule and send your transactional emails.

Manage the sending of your marketing and transactional SMS

  • Animate your customer relationship by creating automatic SMS campaigns (welcome, birthday, reminder, etc.).
  • Schedule your SMS to be sent instantly or at a later time.
  • Personalize the sender and the content of your SMS to increase the reach of your messages.
  • Create rich SMS by integrating a link to a mobile landing page in your campaigns.
Primotexto, solution to send your marketing and transactional SMS

Discover Primotexto, a solution that allows you to manage all your SMS communication.

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